Friday, August 27, 2010

Here We Go Again . . . But . . .

So aparently, it's that time of year again when students will be moving in, classes will be starting, and the stress will start kicking in. Yet, I have to try to remind myself to go into this fall with the same developing mindset as this summer and not as previous years. One of the most important things in life (as we all know) is moving forward. But what does that really mean? It basically means to move on, yes. But it also means to build up on what you have previously learned and experienced.

Let me encourage you (whether you are a student or are working in the professional world) not to go into this fall with a legalistic perspective, but a perspective of hope, of perseverance, and of determination. Also, don't think that you don't matter in what you're doing or in who you are. You have more significance than you realize. Just be patience, work hard, and strive to do your best.

I hope this brings encouragement to your day for the coming fall.

Bryan Kerian

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