Monday, August 30, 2010

Time: Limiting Facebook (though not completely)

I can't remember exactly when I started this earlier this year, but I've been using Facebook once a week for the last few months - as a form of self-discipline, on one hand, regarding how much time I spend on it and what I do on there. However, a few weeks ago, I started using it more than once a week. Say, twice a week, then three, and so forth. Yet, to be fair, I have tried (for the most part) to use it only if I really need to. For instance, if I really needed to send a message to somebody, especially if they weren't on another one of my e-mail links, then I would have an excuse. In addition, I feel, in some cases, that I've been more discerning than I have been as long as I've used Facebook in the past. The main reason I use it is to talk with friends and to write about and rate movies.

What do you spend time online doing?

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