Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Career Searching, Determining, Reviewing, etc.

Last night, I was diligently reviewing and listing various career titles in the fields of Theatre, Communications, Film Studies, Creative Writing, and English (in that order), to consider which area(s) I feel I have the capacity and stamina to work in. (I currently have about three pages of possibilities.) I believe I am thus far just as passionate about writing as I am about acting.

Personally (and currently), I don't see acting/performing as a full-time job, though I will still audition certainly. In the meantime, though, I feel writing is the most technical thing I am almost fully capable of doing with my life. (Part of it goes back to the classes I've taken at UW-P in my five years as a student.) In addition, it can be seen as a way to be active and self-disciplined - speaking, again, from said college experience.

In addition, I began making a list of skills I feel I need to develop in said areas. I was unsure at the time whether some or all of these were strengths or weaknesses, but again felt I needed to consider them. I'll be taking three Creative Writing courses this fall to finish off my minor, so considering the following skills will (I hope) benefit in my future endeavors afterwards.

- Knowing view points
- Critical thinking
- Self-analysis
- Attention to detail
- Observation
- Editing
- Self-discipline and -motivation
- Proofreading
- Clarifying ideas
- Oral presentation
- Flexibility (e.g., time-wise, schedule-wise)
- Open to criticism
- Researching
- Problem solving

I was talking to a friend last night who recently sent in an application to go back to college, hopefully in the spring. Yet, she wasn't sure what she was interested in pursuing. I explained to her that part of it (as far as I've learned) depends on what your strengths and weaknesses are, as my theatre professors expalined to me earlier last week, and as I've looked into yesterday. In addition (and I quote my professors), some or many people may not get their dream job right away. A music colleague whom I ran into this past weekend said it kind of like this: Jobn searching/applying is a full-time thing. I'm new to the experience obviously, but I'm beginning to get a sense of what my colleague said.

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