Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Updates, Or Random Thoughts

Apparently, I still have a tendency to be lazy from time to time and not take full advantage of things I need to do or get done, one of which includes updating myself on how I've been or what I'm doing. It's true that we all need a break from time to time from our studies, or jobs, and so forth, but to do it too much crosses the line is some ways.

Off topic to something else, I guess a lot of people have been sick, thanks possibly to the season, changes in weather, conditions, etc. This past Friday, I started coughing at night, then on Monday, my nose started running (especially in my right nostril). For the last two nights, I used a technique my stepdad taught me: gargling salt water and inhaling it through the nostrils. (Make sure you spit it out, though.) I've been told it helps reduce the pressure/congestion in the forehead and in the nose for people who have said sickness or conditions. Right now, though, I'm back to coughing - thorough coughing if you will, plus headaches. The nose-dripping has reduced though, so there's an advantage.

Please pray that I'll get better soon, and that others would receive the same.

Other than that, I'm holding up alright in my classes. The one class I've been stressing about a few weeks ago has been better. I've met with my instructor occassionally, which has been helpful. The next step this coming weekend and next week will involve critical thinking skills and attention to detail and such, and not just doing something for the sake of doing it or getting it done (as I've stessed many, many times before). The glass is half full can be a good analogy, even though it's cliche. But it's helpful.

Final thoughts for today: Get rest. Get well. Press on.

Sincerely yours,
B.E. Kerian

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