Monday, August 30, 2010

Time: Limiting Facebook (though not completely)

I can't remember exactly when I started this earlier this year, but I've been using Facebook once a week for the last few months - as a form of self-discipline, on one hand, regarding how much time I spend on it and what I do on there. However, a few weeks ago, I started using it more than once a week. Say, twice a week, then three, and so forth. Yet, to be fair, I have tried (for the most part) to use it only if I really need to. For instance, if I really needed to send a message to somebody, especially if they weren't on another one of my e-mail links, then I would have an excuse. In addition, I feel, in some cases, that I've been more discerning than I have been as long as I've used Facebook in the past. The main reason I use it is to talk with friends and to write about and rate movies.

What do you spend time online doing?

Time: Spent or Wasted?

This is something most of us already know. It's so easy to spend too much time on one thing and forget about everything else one needs to do at a certain time or another. Such was the case with me this afternoon, as I had some things I planned on doing, like going to the Financial Aid office on campus, then to the library to copy pictures onto a Microsoft Word document, and then to the store to get groceries.

The problem, though, was that I didn't limit my time on the document thing. I ended up searching (extensively!), copying, and pasting photos onto said document most of the time - in other words, about two hours were spent on this.

This afternoon reminds me of the meaning of time, particularly in what we spend it on and in what we do (or choose to do). In addition, doing too much of one thing cannot only be consuming, but overwhelming. (I'm speaking more on the disadvantages, although there are advantages on a whole different story.)

Think about this: What do you spend most of your time doing every day? Every week? How much time do you spend with friends? Family? On the internet? Being active? (I don't have a specific response at the moment, since my summer's been part lazy, part active, and part up-and-down.)

Read my next post, regarding Facebook, for another (sort-of in-depth) example.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Here We Go Again . . . But . . .

So aparently, it's that time of year again when students will be moving in, classes will be starting, and the stress will start kicking in. Yet, I have to try to remind myself to go into this fall with the same developing mindset as this summer and not as previous years. One of the most important things in life (as we all know) is moving forward. But what does that really mean? It basically means to move on, yes. But it also means to build up on what you have previously learned and experienced.

Let me encourage you (whether you are a student or are working in the professional world) not to go into this fall with a legalistic perspective, but a perspective of hope, of perseverance, and of determination. Also, don't think that you don't matter in what you're doing or in who you are. You have more significance than you realize. Just be patience, work hard, and strive to do your best.

I hope this brings encouragement to your day for the coming fall.

Bryan Kerian

Thursday, August 26, 2010


As I was doing research for my previous blog yesterday, I found another Walt Disney quote, which said

"Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language."

One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures of sunsets, sky views, clouds, and so forth. To me, pictures like these represent something refreshing, something simple, something beautiful, and something universal. I actually have a Facebook album with such photos I've taken for a few years. You can check them out on my Facebook home page, under the album name, "Open Up the Sky." Below are just a few of them, to give you an idea. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Thing

Well, this is officially my first ever blog post, so here goes. I just moved into my new house for this year. (My lease expires at the end of this May next year.) I'm have between a thrid and half of my stuff left to unpack, as well as figure out what I'll take back to Dodgeville for the time being. (I've been living in Platteville for over a year, but have a friend back home in Dodgeville who's been generous to let me keep some of my stuff at their place, for the time being.) I wish all of you a good end to the summer, and a good start to the new school year, especially for all the freshman and new students moving in. (See you through Welcome Crew this weekend.)

Take care everybody,
Bryan Kerian