Saturday, January 8, 2011

Job Searching Update (01/08/2011)

In terms of what I've been doing with job searching this week, I have, on one hand, been spending not as much time with it as writing and researching for reviews, as well as transfering and deleting documents from my username folder through my college account. On the other hand, this transfering and deleting has given me the idea of my own "deeply experienced personal process" (as Carol Eikleberry, Ph.D, describes in her 2007 "The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People"), in terms of the types of peices I have written in my five-to-six years as a college student. It has also given me the idea of putting together a portfolio of what I would consider to be my best works throughout that time. (I did the same for an English porfolio that I submitted a few years ago when I was, at that time, an English major.)

My feeling is as I go through and finish with this transfer process and make time to go througb said documents, it will help give me a clearer idea of the type of writing I wish to pursue. Where to do it is still the question.

True creativity does not result from a few quick tips for your job search. It results from a deeply experienced personal process.
~ Carol Eikleberry

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