Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Breakdown of "Most Attractive" Occupations

Yesterday was only the second consecutive day I worked on my resume and tried job searching. (Noticed I said consecutive.) I also started my own account on, as a way to get my resume out to potential employers. What needs to be done, as first order of business, is for me to finish my resume (I'll be speaking with a professor about it tomorrow morning), thereby making the job search aspect a little better. (I don't know, to be honest.)

However, the objective part of my resumer isn't really definite. I have only three words listed in my rough draft: writer, newspaper, and website. I know that I want to get a job and/or make a living as a writer; maybe for a newspaper or a website, I don't know.

I recalled my notes from Carol Eikleberry's "The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People" about making a list of occupations I find "most attractive" (pp. 67). In the categories of Writer, Director, and Performer, for instance, I marked the following (I think) "most attractive" occupations, as can be found in the back of Eikleberry's text. (I almost feel like Chris Farley's Bennett Brower as I emphasis/quote.)

WRITER: Biographer, Columnist/Commentator, Continuity Writer, Critic, Crossword-Puzzle Maker, Librettist, Playwright, Poet, Reader (story analyst), Screenwriter, and Writer-Prose, Fiction, and Nonfiction.

DIRECTOR: Creative Director, Cue selector, Motion Picture Director, Stage Director, Book Editor, and Dictionary Editor.

PERFORMER: Actor, Announcer, Dancer, Double, Impersonator, Narrator, Singer, and Storyteller.

The following is a current breakdown number of said occupations from the above lists, under the WRITER and PERFORMER categories. DIRECTOR, I'm unsure.

WRITER: Poet, Reader (story analyst), Screenwriter, Writer-Prose, Fiction, and Nonfiction.

PERFORMER: Actor, Narrator, Singer, Storyteller.

The next step is to research these occupations I have narrowed down to.

Until then,

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