Monday, April 4, 2011

"You Are Here"

There's a song I've been frequently hearing over the intercom radio at work that has intrigued me. However, I couldn't find the artist or the name of the song online until recently. I googled the song lyrics on my Blackberry yesterday morning and sound a "Song Meanings" link with the song and lyrics on it. The name of the song is "You Are Here" by Sam Bisbee.

What intrigues me about this song is the notion of peoples' existence and presence in the world ("I am here/You are here/We are here/They are here/Everyone is everywhere/No one is nowhere/We're all somewhere/There is no out there/You are here"). The second last line, I'm not sure I fully understand. Anyway, looking at and reading the lyrics, the song is very poetic in how it describes what various people are doing at a given moment, including a flight attendant on a plane, a little girl who sees the same plane and wonders about its size, a female DJ who wonders if anyone is listening to the music she's playing, and so forth. The song (for me, at least) echoes similar elements from Paul Thomas Anderson's movie "Magnolia" and Bob Dylan's classic song "We're All Gonna Serve Somebody."

Check out this song.

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