Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Thoughts: We Are Students

I just came to the library at the University in Platteville (where I'm currently typing this blog), and, on my way over, had a thought: Even though I've been a college graduate for about five months, I still feel like a student. For one thing, I still use the computers at the campus library from time to time, as well as at the Public Library downtown. I also, from time to time, visit with friends at the student center nearby (almost once a week, in fact). And, I have a bike. Okay, this last reason may not be a big reason for feeling like a student, but since I don't have a car (Yep!), it can count.

On the other hand (as I was thinking on my way over here), I think many of us if not all of us are like students. We meet people everyday and get to know them day by day. We watch movies and TV shows and listen to music; thanks to DVDs and Blu-rays, we have access to behind-the-scenes extras and documentaries on the makings of these types of projects, regarding the people involved and the intended themes involved as well. More importantly, and above all, we are like students in that we continue to learn more and more everyday. This has significant meaning in the different phases we go through in life, whether high school, college, grad school, a new job or career, or a new chapter as a specific type of family member (e.g., a parent, an uncle or aunt, etc.).

In accordance with this idea, I can honestly (and riskingly) say that I'm glad none of us are perfect. Because if we were, what more could there be to learn? What would our relationships be like? Who would we turn to for help or support or guidance? Regarding this latter allusion to the notion of omniscience, I can't help but recall the famous Bob Dylan song, where he sings, "We all gotta serve somebody." (Just a thought.) As I mentioned in my Ars Poetica for a Poetry class last semester, a personal journey is either one of two things: a straight road full of routine and convention, or a series of different roads of exploration and discovery.

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