Friday, May 20, 2011

Still at the surfing . . . Yet . . .

What I mentioned in my last post applies to this current moment--surfing the Internet. Rather, I am surfing You Tube. I essentially spent the last few hours downloading pictures onto my Facebook album. At the same time, I listened to various music from the 90s, and eventually the 2000s (thus far). As I said before, sometimes I can get so caught up in surfing, that I loose sight of everything else and spend more time on one thing than the other (or another). At least I'm very wise about how I'm responding to certain music, thankfully. I'm glad I'm not caught up in the whole "popular" music scene nowadays, yet there are still songs that have a worthwhile quality every now and then, that I can't help but pay attention.

As I do with movies, I don't merely listen to music (well, sometimes, yes), I really listen to it. The same should go for all kinds of media viewing and examining. The next time you watch a movie or listen to a song, think about what kind of impact it has, for better or worse. Remember, the media and culture has more influence than you realize.

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