Thursday, July 14, 2011

Random Thoughts: Intellect and Thought

I'll confess, I tend to read and listen more than I write. With the Internet and film viewing as primary examples in my own life, I tend to tune into all that's being mentioned, discussed, or delived, but I don't give as much time in actually writing it down and recapping on it. Not to say that I do this all the time; it's just a habit I've had lately.

I guess writing these thoughts out is good practice, as I have been surfing the Internet the last half-hour to and hour, mainly catching up on news of this weekend's movies (the last Harry Potter, and Winnie the Pooh) on Rotten Tomatoes, Yahoo! Movies, and IMDb.

On the other hand, being the film guy that I am, I can't help it. What I should help, though, is how I control that time, how much I spend on it, etc.

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