Friday, September 30, 2011

"Dare You To Move"

This morning started off well for me. Every so often, there are days, let alone moments, that sneak up on you and give you a satisfaction and a wholesomeness that just boost your confidence and give you optimism and hope for a new day. The weather was beautiful today. Still a bit chilly and a tad cloudy, but beautiful. The clouds and sunlight today were just transluscent. I decided to take my bike down to work. I also decided to text my mother, father, sister and brother, with a simple "Good morning," "love you," and "miss you." My brother called me back and we talked for a while, which was nice.

Despite my lazy habits, I need to remember to consider my family as much as and even more than the work that I do. After all, they are part of the accountability and support that have brought me to where I am today, so they deserve more than they get.

Anyway, while I started working, Switchfoot's song, "Dare You to Move" was playing on the radio. I thought to myself, "What a perfect time for such a song. And what a great song for anybody." I'll let the lyrics in the following video speak for themselves, and for anybody who needs encouragement today.

Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random thoughts (9/21/2011)

While I was working today, I saw a bumper-sticker on the back of a car that anonymously said,

"It's clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity."

I instantly saw that as something of a throwback to simple things in life, as well as to a form of nostalgia. Indeed, with all the technological advances, tools and "toys" we have in our culture today, we have, in many, many ways, relied on technology to do things for us. (I doubt, though, we will become giant blobs like those in WALL*E.) In addition, while technology has given us whole new ways of interacting with others, it has also created distances and lines between us. In other words, we've become so technology-oriented that simple things like a conversation or a meal don't go without texting or messaging and so forth. I read a magazine a couple years ago where Clint Eastwood briefly commented on the notion and issues of communication in society and culture. He said something like, "Whatever happened to just two people talking to each other? Can't they just put the cell phones away or something?"

I don't consider myself a very technological person. Granted, I use the internet. I watch videos on You Tube. I text. And I use my phone. But I don't have everything on my phone, like ringtones or features that cost extra money. And I'm much rather prefer that. I like simple things. Furthermore, I like things that were once the real deal, like VCRs, typewriters, cameras with removable film, and so forth. I'm going a little off-topic here, but let's consider not bombarding ourselves with the latest gadgets or devices or products. Instead, let's practice being content, as well as valuing conversations with other people. On this same note, let's remember to value other things and other people, regardless of certain things.

I came across a quote this evening, while surfing online, about British singer Adele, and about her success this year, critically and commercially. Foo Fighters' lead singer Dave Grohl said in a September 13 issue of USA Today last week,

"People are blown away that Adele is selling so many records. I'm not. That record is great! She's got a beautiful voice, and people are shocked when they hear actual talent. Music should be more than ad placement, more than synthesized looping of a voice that's been Auto-Tuned and an image made to look like a superhero or supermodel."

I couldn't agree more. I value and respect artists who aren't in the game for success or fame, but rather because they care about their craft and about what they do. I've only listened to (and am familiar with) a few songs by Adele, but I'm aware she does have a great voice and carries an authenticity in her music that's catchy, honest, and raw.
Today's random thoughts are courtesy yours truly,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

B.E.'s Update (9/10/11) and Encouragement

I was reminded a few days ago -- and I need to continually be reminded of this -- how easy it is to get lost in the motions and in routine when you don't hold yourself accountable by any means necessary. Since I've been living at my new residence this fall (I moved in almost two weeks ago), I've had many nights where I would stay up watching movies on my computer or doing something else to just pass the time and depend more on that than on moving forward with and carrying with me the things I've been growing and maturing in this past summer. Likewise, I've had no desire to journal immensely, as I had weeks before.

I guess that happens as you go along and you lose momentum in a certain area or phase of your life. That's certainly the case when you start taking classes again at the beginning of the school year every fall. In short, every transition is always difficult to go through, let alone comprehend.

On the other hand, all of us have to sometimes get to a low point in order to get back up again. I am instantly reminded of the TobyMac song, "Get Back Up." In fact, here is a lyric video to that very song.

I hope I can encourage you who are reading this to not back down right away, but to be patient, to keep working with where you're at and what you have, and to not worry about how things are going to go. Also, don't expect to be perfect everyday, but rather to be the best you can be and more. And don't forget to laugh, to smile, to enjoy, to embrace a challenge (rather than taking the easy way), to be humble, and to love.

In light of this, let us remember and honor the events of 9/11 ten years ago. Remember and honor the families, the soldiers, the policemen, firemen, and all those who lost their lives on this tragic day. Remember and honor.

Sincerely yours,