Saturday, September 10, 2011

B.E.'s Update (9/10/11) and Encouragement

I was reminded a few days ago -- and I need to continually be reminded of this -- how easy it is to get lost in the motions and in routine when you don't hold yourself accountable by any means necessary. Since I've been living at my new residence this fall (I moved in almost two weeks ago), I've had many nights where I would stay up watching movies on my computer or doing something else to just pass the time and depend more on that than on moving forward with and carrying with me the things I've been growing and maturing in this past summer. Likewise, I've had no desire to journal immensely, as I had weeks before.

I guess that happens as you go along and you lose momentum in a certain area or phase of your life. That's certainly the case when you start taking classes again at the beginning of the school year every fall. In short, every transition is always difficult to go through, let alone comprehend.

On the other hand, all of us have to sometimes get to a low point in order to get back up again. I am instantly reminded of the TobyMac song, "Get Back Up." In fact, here is a lyric video to that very song.

I hope I can encourage you who are reading this to not back down right away, but to be patient, to keep working with where you're at and what you have, and to not worry about how things are going to go. Also, don't expect to be perfect everyday, but rather to be the best you can be and more. And don't forget to laugh, to smile, to enjoy, to embrace a challenge (rather than taking the easy way), to be humble, and to love.

In light of this, let us remember and honor the events of 9/11 ten years ago. Remember and honor the families, the soldiers, the policemen, firemen, and all those who lost their lives on this tragic day. Remember and honor.

Sincerely yours,

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