Friday, February 10, 2012

"Single" Thoughts on Relationships and Romance

I've been single most of my life (still am), so I'm no expert when it comes to the subject of relationships and romance. But what I do know about it (from studying and learning through other people, especially) is that it's almost like a college education. Part of it comes down to asking yourself, is this person who I should pursue, or is there someone else for me? It involves getting to know and understand that person more, understanding their likes and dislikes, their background, their family and friends, and so forth. I'm not merely saying that relationships should be about seeing or courting so many people at one time. I honestly believe that is not how it should or is suppose to work. It involves getting to know one person for a period of time (short or long, depending), and asking and testing yourself (and praying), Is this the person I should be pursuing? This perspective is hard for many people to take in (and understandably, considering how so many relationships end up). But it requires a lot of patience, a lot of willingness, and a whole lot of letting go of control. ~B.E.

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  1. I like this blog and I think that a lot of times we do this subconsciously, and even answer ourselves to only ignore the answers.
    When I met my now husband, I was in NO position to be dating someone let a lone try to be with someone I saw as 'better than me'. But I saw so much good in him, I ignored his refusals and ended wanting to be a better better as well.
    4 years later, here we are with our girls, our home, and our love!