Sunday, April 22, 2012

Song Lyrics and Meanings: "You Are Here"

April 3, 2011

There's a song I've been hearing over the intercom radio at work frequently that has intrigued me. . . . What intrigued me about the song was the notion of peoples' existence and presence in the world ("I am here/You are here/We are here/They are here/Everyone is everywhere/No one is nowhere/We are all somewhere/There is no out there/You are here"). Looking at and reading the lyrics, it's very poetic in how it describes what various people are doing at a given moment, such as a flight attendant, a little girl, a female DJ, and so forth. It also echoes elements from Paul Thomas Anderson's 1999 movie "Magnolia" and Bob Dylan's classic song "We're All Going to Serve Somebody."

Remember this song.

August 10, 2011

I have heard many interesting, intriguing songs this summer. One of them that caught my attention, for artistic and poignant reasons, is titled “You Are Here." Written by Sam Bisbee, it is a soft-rock melody that assures listeners of their existence, and implies that there is a meaning behind every such existence. It works as a situation/in-the-moment piece, from talking about a little girl looking out into the night sky, to a stewardess on an airplane above. These transitions and simultaneous actions recall what director Paul Thomas Anderson did in his 1999 film, Magnolia. 

I am here
You are here
We are here
They are here
Everyone is everywhere
No one is nowhere
We’re all somewhere
There is no out there
You are here
You are here

[We are here, at a specific moment, for a specific reason. There is a reason for our existence.]

Somewhere a man sits alone in his cat
Propped up on concrete blocks in the back of his yard
It doesn’t drive but it’s got a fresh battery
And the radio works, it’s on one-oh-two-three (102.3).
The female DJ is introducing a track,
She’s saying this goes out to the long commute back
And then the song starts, she turns off the microphone
And she says to herself, Is anybody listening.

[Could anybody be listening to the music I’m playing? Does anybody care, she thinks. At the same time, the man in his car happens to. So, the answer to her question (unknowingly) is yes.]

(Chorus 1X)

[I wonder what the writer means when he says, “There is no out there.” Does he mean, there is no world beyond our own, or other than this world? Or, does he mean that where we are is the only place we’ll be?]

Across the street there’s a little girl
Face pressed against the window staring out at the world
She sees an airplane way up in the air
She thinks that’s so small, could get caught in her hair.
Just then the stewardess on the plane
Says everybody feel free to lower your trays
And the captain starts to move about the cabin

(Chorus 1X)

I like to count the people across the street
In their environment, just watching MTV
Some tired excuse, oh it’s sad to say
We’re all
Staring at the same thing, ten feet away
Break it down

You are here
You are here