Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Being a Writer

(The following is a brief piece I wrote in March and April of this year, with a few small changes.)

As a Fine Arts major, I consider myself a writer first and an actor/performer second. Being a writer opens up all kinds of amazing and interesting possibilities. It allows you to be a chameleon, to understand various and diverse things and people. It gives you a sense of so many qualities, including (but not limited to) activeness, productiveness, discernment, understanding, awareness, knowledge, honesty, thought, intellect, amusement, wit, and originality. (It's no wonder some to many things have a personal touch.)

Film critic Roger Ebert, who passed away on Thursday, April 4, was one of my heroes in this regard. But perhaps the one thing that has inspired me from his work is the power of the written word. Whether or not any of us have a physical voice, the written word is and continues to be a voice in and of itself, and will inspire future generations.