Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Dear Journal": Doug's Cast of Characters, Part I

February 1, 2015

I thought I'd spend this blog post discussing some of the main and supporting characters on "Doug," including who they are, what they're known for, and what makes them unique. (Each character has a distinct musical theme/motif as well.)

Doug Funnie – The titular journalist/artist/daydreamer who occasionally ponders the best of a possible situation or the worst thing that could possibly happen. His other hobbies include playing the banjo, rocking out to the music band The Beets, and playing baseball. On occasion, he writes and doodles original comic-books featuring his superhero alter-ego Quailman.

Porkchop – Doug's semi-anthropomorphic sidekick dog and "best friend" is Snoopy to Doug's Charlie Brown. He has an igloo for a doghouse, and apparently goes through a vegetarian "phase".

Skeeter Valentine – Doug's best "human" friend is the quirkiest of all characters. Though known for his funny sounds ("Hnk Hnk!"), beat boxing and "cool, man"-ness, he dreams of one day being an astronaut.

Patti Mayonnaise – Doug's secret crush (and we've all had one), and a dedicated athlete known for playing the fictitious sport "Beat-ball ". She does her best to be a leader/captain of the local baseball team, yet does not know how to cook. Still, Doug considers her "the most wonderful girl in the whole world."

Roger Klotz – The town bully and occasional friend of Doug has apparently been in the sixth grade for for a few. Has a cat named Stinky, and his gang members include Willy, Ned, and Boomer. Despite his pestering attitude at times, Doug generally makes the wise decision not to retaliate.

Mr. and Mrs. (Bud & Tippi) Dink – Doug's next-door neighbors, whose name is an acronym for "Double Income, No Kids". This stands for a childless couple with an extra income, hence the reason Mr. Dink buys "very expensive" things. Mrs. Dink often rolls her eyes at her husband's antics, yet the characters illustrate people who can be honest and trustworthy. The fishing and grill episodes ("Doug's Big Catch" and "Doug Needs Money") in season one show interesting darker (in fantasy) and vulnerable sides of the former character.

Judy Funnie – Doug's theatrically-eccentric sister is a Shakespeare devotee who puts an unconventional meaning on "all the world's a stage," often to his dismay and fear of embarrassment. Think of her as a performing arts-meets-John Hughes-type character.

Mr. (Lamar) Bone – The vice principal of the Bluffington School, known for his yodeling expertise on the side, often looks down on students (in contrast to the more approachable classroom teacher Mrs. Wingo) and uses such terms as "permanent record" and "P.D.Q." ("Whatever that stands for.") According to trivia on IMDb, the character is based off of the late Don Knotts of "The Andy Griffith Show".

Mr. and Mrs. (Phil & Theda) Funnie – Doug mentions in the series premiere that his dad is a photographer and works at the local photo department store (the reason the Funnie family moved to Bluffington in the first place). As for Mrs. Funnie, we learn she is apparently a stay-at-home mom who tries to make the best of any situation. Although we learn, in season three, that she works at a local recycling center.