Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Greatest Work Habit, and Pointers on the Matter

One of my co-workers mentioned an anonymous quote recently, which illustrates the most important work habit for not only our job, but also any job for that matter. The quote reads, 

Here are a few other pointers to work on and live out when it comes to attitude.

1. It's important to have and maintain a great attitude. Not a good one, but a great one. And again, not just having a great attitude, but maintaining it on a day-to-day basis. It's not an overnight success that's going to make you the next YouTube sensation or what have you.

2. Attitude is responding positively and not reacting negatively. Obviously, responses and reactions can be either positive or negative, but in this case, our response to people (especially if they come across negative or frustrated) should be positive because it can help reduce their temper, rather than us reacting negatively and therefore adding fuel to their fire. Plus, it's only as big of a deal as you make the situation or circumstances.

3. Attitude is character-driven, not emotion-driven. Dr. Joyce Meyer once said, "Your emotions are very unstable and should never be the foundation for direction in your life."

4. Attitude is not pointing fingers and blaming other people, but taking full responsibility for your own actions, as well as admitting your own shortcomings.

5. Attitude is being in charge of the way YOU think, not the way anybody else thinks. In other words, you're not responsible for anybody else's attitude but your own.

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