Monday, November 21, 2016

Reel, Write, and ReadE: The Philosophy of B.e. Kerian


Reel (real) 
A reel refers to film placed on a projector or cylinder when viewing a movie. It can also refer to the photography involved. 

To be real is to be honest and accurate, and can refer to reality. 

Both involve expressions of storytelling and creativity, as well as discussion and discernment.

Write (right) 
To write is to express one's self through the written word, whether through pencil, pen, Microsoft Word, or journals. 

To be right is to be honest and accurate. 

Both involve, again, expressions of storytelling and accuracy, as well as creativity. 

ReadE (ready) 
To read is to educate one's self, and not just on one topic or category. It also helps one develop skills in history, education, accuracy and speech, to name a few. This can lead to potential in what one is capable of.

To be ready is to plan ahead, to be prepared. 

Both lead to progression, professionalism, maturity, and should involve honesty instead of going through the motions.


A few years ago, I came up with an interesting term that describes truth expressed through forms of fiction (e.g., art, literacy, music, poetry, film). The fiction refers to unreal places, characters, situations, and/or actions, and yet there's an expression or illustration of real-life truths that are universal, important, thought-provoking, challenging, and/or inspiring. In other words, even though the characters and situations and so forth are made up in various cases, the contextual elements and themes reveal deeply human truths and realities that transcend art. Whether it's through the written word, a celluloid, a photograph or an instrumental piece, TRUTH MATTERS. 

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